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Camp Richland's wounded warriors unite amid murky shadows  from both past and present...

In book 3 of the Fieldston mystery series Camp Richland is being prepared to house Lyndon’s Warrior Vision but before that can happen, its underground tunnels need to be sorted. The mysterious trunk’s contents lead Sarge, Alex, and the others back through the centuries, following a trail to unravel the secrets hidden on the property. Who came before them and what might have been left behind? What makes this place so special to D’Shea? And who is tracking their every move from the shadows?

Join Sarge and the other Fieldston women as they explore the past, the present and for some, the future.

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Ever wonder where hate comes from? From small slights or from deeply held beliefs? And what happens when hate runs headlong into the strongest emotion there is…love?

It’s 2018 and the United States is being pulled apart at the seams. From big cities to small towns, people are acting on what divides them, rather than what unites them. Tolerance and inclusion are being replaced by insidious attacks on those deemed to be different, unworthy or sinners. This fictional tale explores love and hate, the influence of national politics, and the power of a community coming together for the common good.

Fieldston, a sleepy town in eastern Pennsylvania, is gearing up to host a women’s music festival when a rash of petty crime and vandalism strike. When young women begin to disappear, something has to be done to keep locals and visitors safe. D’Shea Sinclair and her friends from the festival set out to unravel the mystery, discovering that there is more to Fieldston than a surface glance reveals. As the group uncovers and works to foil a dangerous plan, Sinclair finds herself presented with a second chance at love. If only she is brave enough to take the first step.

From the readers --

I wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen next. Can't wait for the next book!   -T. Snider

Just finished the book...actually started it this morning and could not put it down.  -S. Green

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The residents of Fieldston are healing from the hate crimes that tore the town apart while D’Shea Sinclair and her friends move forward, building lives with those they love. A series of unexplained incidents involving gunshots, drugs, and a mysterious disappearance lead police down a trail where people are not what they seem. Murky shadows loom large, remnants of the past surface, and mistrust is fueled by secrets…some innocent and others sinister. The investigation uncovers unlikely alliances, and a plot that just may tear the whole town apart once again.

When Camp Richland is put up for sale, time becomes the enemy. Will the mystery be unraveled before it’s too late?

The 2nd Fieldston mystery continues D’Shea and Evie’s love story alongside some familiar faces plus a few new ones. Enjoy the read.   -DL

From the readers - 

They're baaack!! This is a well written and engaging novel. The reader, very quickly, feels a part of the community and of this close knit circle of friends.   --M. Hutzler