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    D. L. O'Neil

    D. L. O’Neil describes herself as an educator, activist, analyst, and all-round math nerd.  Once retired, she wandered toward the world of LGBTQ fiction that was just waiting to be explored. 

    After four years of college, O’Neil left the east coast, believing the west held magical powers. "Love and politics" was her reply when asked why she moved. With quick stops in Pahrump (Nevada) and Amador County (California), she discovered the Sacramento Valley, a stone’s throw from both the mountains and the ocean. With the climate and the politics both to her liking, she put down roots. Retiring after two more college degrees and more than thirty years as a public-school educator, she now has time to tell the stories invented while commuting to schools, doing lunch duty, walking between meetings, and waiting for true education reform.

    The Fieldston Mystery series isn't one of  O’Neil’s dry technical reports. The content comes from her heart. This foray into fiction emerges from people, places, and events that impacted her life. Shady characters, secrets, lies, and second chances abound!

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